The most powerful force in the world is the human soul on fire.

DIVO is connecting to yourself!

Divo Coaching is about you and your future. We are going to set you on a journey towards your deepest, most intimate, raw self that holds the key to your calling and fulfilment. Divo coaching will escort you to the debris of your mind and soul so to find what is that you truly desire to achieve in life, what truly makes YOU happy and how can you get there. We are going to investigate what obstacles do you see and find ways to overcome them so that YOU can fully utilise your talents. At Divo, we believe that the most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire and we commit to help you connect to your fire. We believe that transformation happens when mind, body and soul, unite together for a conscious design. The energy should flow so that you move on through your journey. As humans we all get stuck every-now-and-then, we know that well at Divo, yet although we tend to get ourselves in the rut, we can not always get out of it on our own. At Divo Coaching, we help you to find YOUR way, YOUR flow, YOUR focus, and design YOUR future self so that you can achieve your life goals.

Our purpose is also incorporated in the meaning of the word Divo: from Bulgarian (Slavic), divo means wild and raw, while from English (latin), it resembles diving into something. Combining this two, it’s about diving into yourself to reconnect with your wild, raw nature – only by knowing oneself, can s/he practice their full potential, life purpose and happiness.

We would be honoured to help you achieve all the wonderful things you’re dreaming of.

Dare to grow!

Tania Tasheva, Founder and coach

Our Values

True connection