Hi There!

Actually for now is more of a “me” than “we”, so let me tell you who am I. The short version is that I am a dedicated, full time seeker of everyday magic… everywhere, in every person I meet and I’d be honoured to coach you though whatever challenge life is puzzling you with at the moment.

Being difficult enough to write about myself, I even more struggle in fitting my story in a short paragraph. So here I go! I was born in a town in south Bulgaria, and I’ve held (and still hold) many roles in life: I am a loving daughter, sister, girlfriend, niece, aunt, and a cousin. I am a caring friend. I’m a change manager for an international organisation. I am a student, a teacher and a mentor. I am an improv comedian and a stage rebel. I am Bulgarian and a world traveller. I am a runner who has never won a race (I do have medals for participation though). I am that person who always needs a bit more time in the yoga pose. I am a leader, a follower, and a team player. I am a nurturing gardener and (what I like to believe) a pretty good cook. I am a poet and a writer that is yet to be published. I am the excited person with the ideas and the lazy couch-potato on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I play more than one of these roles at the same time, and sometimes, I hide at home to just be me in whatever form, shape and mood that finds me.

In the act of life, I’ve experienced a lot and have gone through my own journey of growing, healing, then growing some more and then healing from there. I love each one of my scars and I’m trying very hard to nurture the courage of getting some more. And I’ve learned a lot mostly about myself and a little bit about life in general. I am a child of divorced parents who knows a lot about detachment, rejection, sacrifice and anger. I have been heartbroken quite a few times which taught me about love, devotion, self-care, benefits of boundaries and the importance of communicating feelings on time. I’ve lived in a few different countries so far which redefined for me the idea of home, family, friendship, physical and emotional safety, and belonging. I’ve connected with hundreds of people from different cultures, backgrounds, colour and status who made me be more understanding, more compassionate, more empathetic, more open minded and most of all, non-judgemental. Everyday, I strive to be a better listener and a speaker of my heart… yet, those are lessons of a life-time.

I believe that one of the biggest misconceptions of life is that it has to be easy… life is never easy for anyone, anywhere. We can of course try to compare challenges, but proficiency would never be defined because what is hell for one, might be heaven for another. I believe that life is not meant to be easy, it is meant to be enjoyable. The point is to find the joy in all that happens to you – from the “bad” you can test your own self and raise stronger; from the “good” you can celebrate your fortune and take pride; from the “wrong” you can learn the lesson for a better future and from the “right” you can show others how it’s done. In all that, even in the pain, you can find pleasure, meaning and enlightment.

I believe that each one of us is a unique, special, amazing human being with exceptional talents and ordinary insecurities. I believe that learning to love ourselves is the greatest challenge we have and that, if we want a happy, fulfilling life, we need to do that work every day. In that respect, I believe love is not a single emotion but a complex expression of the self on the stage of life.

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If you’re curious about who I am and how I can help you on your journey, just drop me a note and let’s schedule a meeting. I’d love to see you!

May the magic be always with you!

Yours truly,

Tania Tasheva

Founder and Coach